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5. Ford Gm 4x4 Spindle Outer Stub Closed 8 lug dana 44-35 closed knuckle front end. One quart of 85-140 Gear oil for FA15 front axles and the smaller FA13 axle that was also used on Scout 80 and 800's. dana 44 hd closed knuckle dana 60 dana point agent. Part Number: D/S37299 Dana 60 Bolts To Bottom Of Knuckle Single Side Only These extremely hard to find Closed Knuckle and King Pin parts are now available directly from Dana Spicer. 83 ratios and drum brakes. 92 & up xvi Manual locking hubs recommended. The original closed knuckle front axles on these were Dana 60's with 5. the supplier told me that there is numbers on the axle tube that I need to order the locker. If it only turns well in one direction, something is wrong with the way it is hooked up. 187SL16D. that had a t18 and dana 20 t-case and the rear 60 on it was 19. 913A591. 00 Gear Ratio changes from 513 & Up - Installed $395. Directions: 1. 00 Lock Rite - Installed $469. Shop with confidence. Step 2: Using a jack, apply enough pressure to the bottom of the knuckle so it will stay seated in the 'C' but not enough to make the axle lift off the JackStand. $475. Dana 44 Manual Hub Rebuild Read/Download Dana 60 Front 1/2 ton Brakes Conversion? that was the CLOSED knuckle kit, my bad. Providing Expert Advice with over 35 Years of Experience and Free Shipping on Orders Over $75. 87 gear ratio and a 6 lug pattern that is on roughly a 7. We have high steering arms available for Dana 44 and kingpin Dana 60 axles. com: dana 60 front axle. Low-pinion Dana 30 The shafts and small 260-sized U-joints are its I have a closed knuckle D44 front axle that needs rebuilt. The Dana 30 uses king pins which are held in with four bolts on the top and bottom. Don't know much about the closed knuckle, what are the pro's and con's of using it under my crawler? I would ultimately want an hp kingpin 60, but i will use this one for now. A stock Dana 44 knuckle weighs approximately 10. It has several weak points when overtired and overpowered, including axletubes, differential gears, shafts, and steering joints. What is the difference between closed & open front axle knuckle 4x4 IDN-124? The knuckle Previous. Location D-44 closed knuckle 8 lug whats it worth? I found a D-44 closed knuckle HD 8 lug disk brake front end what is something like this worth, and are they a good front end Get your Jeep in gear with the perfect Jeep Axles for the front and rear of your Wrangler JK, TJ, or Cherokee. 73 gears and limited slip carrier. bones. 2 kits needed per truck. Ford D60 Front Axle Tech. TKA20252 New Torque King® 3/4 Ton Dana 44, Dana 44HD, Dana 60 Closed Knuckle Front Spindle is a brand new, Front Spindle with pre-installed QU40025 Spindle Bushing for Chevy, Ford, and GMC Dana 44 closed knuckle front axles. We've spent over a month going through the pdf files in the links you posted and compiled a user friendly list of all front and rear Dana 60 BOM numbers and that Complete rebuild kit for the Closed-Knuckle Front Dana Axles with Timken Bearings. The condition and adjustment of these bearings has a considerable effect on the way the vehicle steers.  They are fully Interchangeable with Dana 60 Ball Joint Style C’s and our 1 Ton Unit bearing. 30. Closed knuckle axle shaft joints either run in gear lube or in grease in the knuckle, and the lubricant tends to leak out of the knuckle. 375-inch ring gear with 17-spline c-clip axles. I am having troubles finding parts for this axle, or any information on it. com and look it up to see what you’ve got. I have never seen a M-715 with a Dana 70 front axle, at least that was original. A steering knuckle is a sturdy solution for the chinks in the armor located in the stock JK axle steering configuration and 4WD carries various kits and individual knuckles to remedy this. The rear is a full floater, with a limited slip Trac-Loc type carrier. They used the same front end in 74/75 in the 1 ton setup, also with drum brakes. the Closed Knuckle and get real brakes<<< Would not be at all surprised that the steering arm on the knuckle could The Dana 60 Rear Axle Assembly is in stock at Tri-County Gear and is priced starting at only $1450 with an open carrier. Axle King Pin Parts » Dana 60 Axle King Pin Spring The Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is a direct bolt-in solution that delivers optimal strength, durability, and performance. #15 Re: pros and cons Dana 60 Vs. model t steering parts 60 steering block designed for Dodge, and with king pin style knuckles. One kit is enough to service one knuckle; you will need two kits per axle. 2 of each are required for one front axle housing. Dana 60 closed knuckle. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Dodge Dana 60 for your vehicle NEW PRICE 1968 W200 Fargo Power Wagon short bed. If you have a 1957 W300, please see Vehicle Type D. 410 gearing, 8 lug $200 oboLocated on the north side of lake Mac. All of them do, eventually - regardless of how new the wiper parts are. 31". Jack up the Dana 60 and put it on JackStands. Inboard tube seals contain the hypoid gear lube in the housing to provide adequate lubricant level for the gears, bearings, etc. We offer a variety of Dana 60 Knuckles for your automotive needs. I already have a master cylinder and proportioning valve off a 1979 with front disc. Toyota Axle/Dana 60 Hybrid - Page 2. They moved the seal into the end of the axle tube, then left the knuckle open to the air and used grease to take care of the inner and outer wheel bearings. 1958-68 W300 & D300 models came factory with 6 hole wheels and later models (1969-74) use the 8 hole wheel. Now, check for clearance between the caliper support and the knuckle. The steering knuckles pivot on tapered roller bearings. Your choice of Import or Domestic thru hardened "chrome-moly" 4340 material, AKA Chromoly. This area is for the Powerwagon 4X4 Enthusiast! 318/727, pb, short Utiline box, Dana 60 (rear), 4. ill snap a pic next time i go over there. Dana 30 and Dana 44 Front Axle Castor/Camber Adjustment with Correctors Posted by jeepfan. I'd been keeping it around as spare parts for a 69 crewcab I built with a cummins engine, but I think it's time to let it go. 88 60. 3. com and go the manuals section. Mag Hytec Differential The Bendix is another version of an open knuckle. 1 Side Only. The reverse cut high pinion Dana 44 was used in 1/2 ton Ford trucks from 1966-1979 and full size Ford Bronco's in 1978-1979. TKA20267 New Torque King® Dana 44 Closed Knuckle Front Spindle is a brand new Front Spindle with pre-installed QU40025 Spindle Bushing for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and International Dana 44 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton closed knuckle Dana 44 front axles with internally splined wheel hubs. $600. We do not build any kits for closed knuckle style axles or unit bearings. Wheel bearings vary, and can range from the same part numbers as 60’s and 14 bolts, to The Dana/Spicer Model 70 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation and has been used in OEM heavy duty applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford. The open knuckle axles used a sealed cardon cross joint. I have a Ford highboy closed knuckle d44 hd axle from an early 70's f250. This misconception is probably because a high pinion Dana 44 wasn't offered in the F-250 until 1977. We offer a variety of Dodge Dana 60 for your automotive needs. washers provided, secure the backing plate and spindle to the steering knuckle. 2007-2013; 2014-2015; 1/2 ton pickup 4wd. The Novak Guide to Jeep Closed-Steering Knuckle Repair. I also have an NP435 with a pto for additional $ Has title The TeraFlex Dana 30 High Steer Knuckle replaces the outer knuckle on the passenger's side with a new high steer knuckle. In-Stock, Free Shipping & Lowest Prices Guaranteed! I have a Closed knuckle Dana 44 front axle, and a Dana 60 rear axle. Does anyone know if there is a simple swap to replace my 1965 closed knuckle Dana 44 with an open knuckle axle with disks? The axle needs to have the knuckles rebuilt and who knows how the gears and inner bearing are, so I might just swap it out if there is a simple low mod option. The 1957 W300 is flat fender Power Wagon and will not interchange with later W300 models. Spicer cold forged non-greasable joints were used as well as Spicer stone shields. Qa4936 12 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit For Dana 44hd 60 70 Front Axles Ford F250 Closed Hey, I'm working on a 1975 F250 highboy, I currently have a closed knuckle dana 44 up front with drum brakes and I would like to convert over to disc brakes. Find great deals on eBay for ford dana 60 knuckle. . However, a permanently locked-in Dana 44 is not uncommon; the Dana 44 has seen use in 1/4-, 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-ton rated trucks. 02 1PMD60KR Knuckle rebuild kit Dana 60 kingpin GM, Dodge These extremely hard to find Closed Knuckle and King Pin parts are now available directly from Dana Spicer. The knuckle features tapered inserts that make customizing easy by allowing the drag link (knuckle end) to enter from the top or the bottom of the steering arm. Dana 25 It shares similar closed-knuckle parts with the Dana 27 and 44. Either hub style both uses the same size axleshafts balljoints and wheelbearings. Trying to find Dodge Dana 44 Front online? Discover Dodge Dana 44 Front on sale right here with the biggest selection of Dodge Dana 44 Front anywhere online. com Installing Castor/Camber Adjusting Upper Ball Joint Sleeves or “Camber Correctors”. putting a detroit locker in my Dana 70 closed knuckle front axle. Dana 27 See Dana 25-also has a marginally larger ring gear. Find great deals on eBay for dana 60 steering arm. Amazon. dana 60 ball joint Rock Assault™ 9 Ball Joints These Upper and Lower Ball joints fit the Rock Assault™ 9 Knuckles and Inner C’s. These extremely hard to find Closed Knuckle and King Pin parts are now available directly from Dana Spicer. 0 or No. Dana 44 Front axles were known for utilizing locking hubs or a center axle disconnect system. Both companies used Dana 70 front axles until the mid-1970s (Dodge W300 pickup up until 1978, discontinued in 1979). 140 grade, multipurpose gear lubricant meeting the Mil-L-2105-B specification. Left and right sides available--usually interchangeable. F-250 Dana 44's: F-250 Dana 44's up to 1977 were low pinion, standard cut units. 5. plus most are going to be stronger than most of the 94+ Dodge drivers side low pinion CAD unit bearing hub 32 spline 1. The heavier duty axles (i. Ford Gm 4x4 Spindle Outer Stub Closed If you run 92-97 Ford Dana 60 knuckles, spindles, hubs, brakes you get all the good Ford stuff without any compromises. At the time, I wasn't aware of the pitfalls and basic lack of support for this axle. I don't have any info pre mid 60's. Dana 44 Dana 60 High Steer Crossover Steering Tie Got Pics Of Dana 60 On 40 Front? Wanting to know how it would look to put unmodified/uncut dana 60's on f/r Fj40. Like the low- pinion version, this 60 has unbelievable aftermarket support. Sky's Dana 44 Crossover Steering Kit includes the following: Draglink, Tierod ends, Jamnuts, Pitman arm, Passenger Side Steering arm, Steering arm install kit. I think the reason the Dana 60's are more popular because they are direct bolt-ins and already have disk brakes and open knuckles. I have located a dana 44 front axle and a dana 60 for sale. anyone out there know anything about these. So did the Bronco and there both one in the same. 8 lug hubs, unit has 3. I believe i can get them for $250 for the pair but the kicker is, it's gonna cost about $210 to ship them to my house. The Dana 44 was manufactured in kingpin and ball joint variations, as well as closed and open knuckle variations. does anyone know where on the tube these numbers are or anywhere else on the housing thay might be? Rear Dana 60 and front closed knuckle trunnion bearing 44. Remove tires. Located in northern Arizona, local pickup only, or maybe I can meet somewhere if not too far. 76 Ford high boy Dana 60 - $300 (Shelbyville) < image 1 of 3 > Low pinion, closed knuckle call 317 401 one five two zero . 31” coil sprung Dana 60s. I'm not saying that the two earlier knuckle designs can't be lubricated properly with SAE 140. 2,550. About Us. Crew Cab 3800 pound capacity front axle. In 1976, Ford equipped the Dana 44 with disc brakes. Ford Dana 60's have many, many variations and this article will only focus on the suspension and steering difference between the generations. Once balljoints came out the only different was internal or external lockouts. He's not an offroader but thought the closed design might be desirable. ) The least expensive online catalog for all your Dana 44 Knuckle needs. Frame CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. Dana Spicer 706230X Closed Knuckle Wiper Seal kit fits older style 12 bolt large ball on Dana 44, Dana 60 and Dana 70 front ends from 1959 to 1972. Re: Dana 44 closed knuckle disc brakes Regarding what lubricant to use in the closed knuckle - I have has success with simply packing the wheel and knuckle bearings with grease, the way you would with an open knuckle unit. Out front it has a Closed knuckle Dana 44 with period correct warn lock out hubs. tilt steering column repair Discover Dana 70 Front Axle on sale right here with the largest option of Dana 70 Front Axle anywhere online. If the knuckle is in contact with the caliper support, relieve the knuckle for clearance (normally on the casting # area). Dodge Dana 70 Front And Rear Axles Closed Knuckle 4. Also Check out our king pin removal tool to aid you in removing the king pins. You must have a 1973 Dodge front Dana 70 with that U-joint size, I think that is the year they used them. Yukon chro-mo all 35 spline '78/'79 Ford Dana 60 axle shafts finally showed up. 16. A closed knuckle that is properly sealed can be Dana 27 front w/ closed knuckle Scout 80/800 - $350 Dana 30 front w/ closed knuckle Scout 80/800 - none avail. This front differential can be identified by its use of ball joints in the steering knuckles with a large castle nut at the top of each knuckle. Dana 44 Closed Knuckle Front Hub Lube but for now I'm going to try some 140 wt oil as recommended in the dana manual. Dana 60 Knuckles Your initial step needs to constantly be to mirror on what you'll desire on your list. Complete Used Dana 27, 30, 44 & 60 Axles For Sale. 8. Box floor rear is shot but bed sides are solid, whole box for $325. The first name in heavy-duty pickup applications, the Dana 60 also has what it takes for four-wheel drive vehicles. You are buying a used Dana 60 front steer axle assembly with closed knuckle housing, drum brakes, 5. If QU40773 fits all 1941-1975 Dodge, Ford, GM, IHC, and Jeep 4x4's with Dana-Spicer Closed Knuckle Model 25, Model 27, or Model 44 using the small 8 Bolt Ball Seal and rectangular 4 bolt King Pin Caps. Complete Dana 60 king pin front end with 4340 chrome moly axle shafts and Yukon super joints plus Yukon manual locking hubs assembly . The geometry should not change with a different steering box or pitman arm. The easiest way to identify which front end you have is to look at the steering knuckles. I did some searching and it sounds like they have little to offer over an open knuckle design and probably aren't worth picking up, but I said I'd ask "the experts". I know this is a really old thread, but it comes up often during a search for Dana 60 BOM numbers so hopefully this information will be helpful to others doing the same search. would it be possible to just drop my front dana 60 closed knuckle and put in a dana 44 from the same year? I want to get rid of this closed knuckle so bad. 4. Ford F250 Closed Knuckle Dana 44 Large Ball Axle 8 Lug Backing Plates Complete M715 Dana 60 Front We stock the regular service closed knuckle parts for your Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4x4 with a Dana 60 closed knuckle front axle which will have 12 bolt Knuckle Ball Hemisphere Seals. 0 out of 5 stars 1. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Outer Stub Closed Knuckle Dana 44 66-77 Broncos came with the Dana 30 (66-71 1/2) and the Dana 44 (71 1/2-77). Adequate level would be to the bottom of the fill plug hole, when vehicle is observed to be in a normal horizontal position. The only Dana 60 Outer Knuckles on the market built from 8620 Chromoly Steel come from Crane Axle! Using weldable 8620 Chromoly Steel instead of cast iron allows the ability to produce a lighter and stronger knuckle. $350 OBO/trade. I have an early 60's sweptline dodge crewcab 4x4 rolling chassis. Is it birfs or the old closed knuckle 60 sure as heck resembles a birf. INNER KNUCKLE O-RING & DUST SEAL KIT - COMPATIBLE WITH FORD SUPERDUTY F350 F250 DANA 50 60. Axle shafts for Dana 25 and Dana 27 Front Axles 4X4 Front Axle Closed Knuckle Wiper Seal Kit For All 8 Bolt Small Ball Knuckles. The TeraFlex Dana 30 High Steer Knuckle replaces the outer knuckle on the passengers side with a new high steer knuckle. These fit all applications except Ford Dana 44. Compare prices & save money on Automotive. It has several weak points when overtired and overpowered, including axletubes Earlier this year I bought a Dana 70 front axle. chevy dana 60 front inner axle tube seal and guide kit k30 v30 cucv Ford F-350 4WD With Dana 60-7 Axle / With Spicer 60-7 Axle 1992, Front Steering Knuckle Race by Timken®. I will have to rotate the pinion up on the 60 to make the cv shaft work, by cutting and rewelding the knuckles. Like the rear Dana 70 axles, the Dana 70 front axle started out with 23 spline axle shafts and then went to 35 spline axle shafts. All of these Dana 70 front axles were closed knuckle, with king pins and had a GAWR of 6000 lbs. Dana 60. For Sale, Dana 44F closed knuckle front end from a 66 Chevy K20. The key to converting to 5 lug is the Chevy small bearing spindles (Dana/Spicer Part Numbe 706528X) and the fact that they use the exact same seals and bearings as the Ford 5 lug hubs used on F150's and Broncos for years. $500 Filthy Motorsports carries a wide range of parts, gears, and upgrades for the Dana 44 axle including ring and pinion sets, axle rebuilt kits and bearings, differential covers, upgraded axle shafts, heavy duty u-joints, oil, and more. I have heard of some older International 1-ton pickups with the Dana 70 front also. The stock Dana 35C has a bad rep, and I don't want to put a locker in it with 33" tires for fear of breakage. These have a 9 3/4 inch ring gear diameter with closed knuckles and  We made the first set of these arms in 1999 for the Dana 60 front axle we swapped into side arm has been reworked to finally get all 5 studs on a Reid knuckle. Parting out or sell whole what's left. 00. These kits will GREATLY increase the performance and ride quality of your front axle. In theory, you are supposed to fill up the knuckles with gear oil, which lubes the universal joints, the wheel bearings and the knuckle bearings. My brother was at a recycling shop and came across some closed knuckle Ford D44 and Chevy D60 axles. The camber shims are designed to be installed between the steering knuckle and all outer hub/brake components. New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. Dana 44 flat-top knuckle arms. Open Knuckle vs Closed Knuckle: The knuckle of a front axle is the part that enables the front axle to steer. Can anyone point me to where I might find parts to rebuild this? Installation Manual for your NWF Dana 60 Steering Arms Step 1: Block the rear wheels. 09 ratio closed knuckle axle with locking hubs $350, 318 with NP 435 4 speed trans $250. Gardner Car and Truck Repair Steering Arm Ford F250 67-72 Small Ball Closed Knuckle Dana 44 Front Axle Lh. 73 & dn. Aug 10, 2007 It shares similar closed-knuckle parts with the Dana 27 and 44. 25" bolt circle. dana 60 high steering knuckle. 8 lug Dana 60 rear $300, divorced twin stick 201 transfer case $400, Dana 44 front 4. Out of 1972 Ford F-250. These kits will GREATLY increase the performance and ride quality of your  Dana 60 The Dana 60 in appearance looks like the Dana 44 but larger making it stronger. Just Differentials, Justdifferentials. Iirc you can use a 78-79 Ford Dana 60 shortside inner axle shaft and a 99-03 Ford Dana 60 longside axleshaft to get 35 spline inner axles and eliminate the CAD. Typically comprised of heavy duty ductile iron to withstand stress, a knuckle can help you maintain steering at steeped angles and. 95. Very good used condition. You can buy another front axle for parts or have them made. There are two basic types of knuckles used, one is the closed knuckle and one is the open knuckle. 31 inches (earlier axles were 10- or 19-spline). The vast majority of Ford Dana 60's are the high pinion design, you can see the difference in the diagram above. View Details. Teraflex HD Inner C Knuckle for Use w/Teraflex HD/Dana 60 Axle Assemblies Sun Closed. We offer a plethora of Dana 60 for your vehicle needs. Spider gear kit fits Dana 60 one piece open carrier only! Does not fit 2 piece case or limited slip Also some of the scout 44's had the goofy closed knuckle setup, & depending upon year had drum brakes up front. Busted Knuckle Dana 60 bolt diff covers are the best of the best! 3/8" thick steel and can take everything you can throw at it. Steering Knuckle Lube - The CJ2A Page Forums - Page 1 18 posts Jun 30, 2012 Steering knuckle lube - The CJ2A Page Forums - Page 1 18 posts Mar 25, 2011 Steering box Grease/Oil - The CJ2A Page Forums - Page 1 18 posts May 1, 2010 More results from www. To see the available parts, click on our pull-down menu to the right and use the item number to correspond to the image sho But I agree it looks like I am going to have to install that 91 w250 dana 60 to escape the closed dana 44 knuckle no parts for lifted trucks and use a inside the frame power steering gearbox out of a 78 250 ford 4x4 and box in the frame and set the box on top of the frame to keep the steering shaft straight from the cab. I want to do the disc brakes on the front and rear but I cant do that with the stupid closed knuckle. It also is a bit harder to maintain since the knuckle must be sealed. Experience the thrill and ease of tailoring your Truck or Jeep with our Guaranteed Lowest Prices on all Dana Spicer Axle King Pin Parts products at 4WP. 00 View Item Details Axle Shaft U Joint Kit Chevy K5 Blazer K10 K20 Dana 44 And Gm 10 Hey all, I just bought a 1969 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 truck to have around the house and to restore someday. Morry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk The closed structure of the closed knuckle limits its ability to swivel. If you are building your front axle or are rebuilding your Kingpin Dana 60 or RockJock 60/70 front axle these will work great! QU40507M Small Axle Universal Joint for Vintage Dana Spicer Closed Knuckle Front Axles is a genuine original equipment axle manufacturer, solid-cross, non-greaseable, front axle u-joint without seals for 1940s to 1975 Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, IHC, and Jeep 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton light duty 4x4s with standard Dana 44 closed knuckle front drive axles. Not sure on exact years but they did. chevy. 5 Ford low pinion drivers side closed knuckle drum brake with 30 spline inners, 19 spline outers, small ujoints and weak knuckles. The undesirable front Dana 60 axles will not be covered by this article, and include: 74-75. Anyways, I need to take axles out so I can take the differential out and work on it. Dana 44HD, Dana 60, Dana 70 Closed Knuckle Ball ID. They are one tires and rims, but they can be removed if you don't want them. 1977-87 K30 1 ton 4wd. 91 - $1,199. Highlighting a comprehensive catalog of side dana 30 available on sale this week. These instructions apply to all 4-wheel-drive Jeep® vehicles with closed-type steering knuckles. And because Dana is constantly revolutionizing the technology behind its Dana axles and Spicer products, the replacement car axle or component you purchase today may even exceed the standards set for the original equipment part that you are replacing. Rebuilt GM & Ford Dana 60 Front Axles . Dana 60) usually come from heavier rated trucks and have stronger parts. It's a huge beast. Ed Mid 60's factory K10 (Carry All/Suburban - Have had this for a long time. Skip to main content Ford GM 4X4 Spindle Outer Stub Closed Knuckle Dana 44 60's 70's See CLOSED WHEEL END STEERING KNUCKLE LUBRICATION The Closed steering knuckle requires lubrication from a source Other than the gear carrier assembly. 00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Ford dana 60 front axle. My guess is it is from a Blazer. DANA SPICER 706230X - Closed Knuckle Wiper SEAL KIT for DANA 44, 60 and 70 with LARGE Ball 12 Bolts. Dodge Dana 70 Front And Rear Axles Closed Knuckle 4 88 Find Dana 70 Front and other automotive parts and accessories on sale. From the Archives: High Clearance Steering for Dana 44s and CJ Dana 30s pin bearings on your closed knuckle 70 F250 highboy rolling parts truck. $750 cash gets it. Starting in 1972, modern factory Dana 44's had 30-spine axle shafts with a thickness of 1. dana 60 closed to open knuckles Hi all, I went to see a 76 f-250 and the front 60 had closed knuckles. 18. Missing many parts! No motor. This kit includes all the parts you need to repair or rebuild your closed knuckle axle ball. Frame, and axles. However, I do question whether the Cardan (Spicer) can be lubricated by thicker No. Side Reid Racing FORD F250 CLOSED KNUCKLE DANA 44 LARGE BALL AXLE 8 LUG BACKING PLATES COMPLETE Save gm dana 44 knuckle Internally- C30257 on carrier bearing saddles, 73 DANA 34840 B31R81X 41-10 215 on ring gear. The Dana 44 Front End came on factory Ford Broncos from late 1971 to 1977. (I'm pretty Sure. As for the Dana 44 closed Knuckle drum front you picked up. QK4618 Dana 44HD, Dana 60, Dana 70 Large Closed Knuckle Front Axle Bearing Kit is a direct replacement for Ford Dana 44HD and Dana 60 Closed Knuckle Front Axles, but it will also work on Chevy, Add to Cart Dutchman Dana 60 front inner axle shafts are now available 2 ways. Ultimate Dana 60 CV Axle Set for Dodge Ram W250 ('89-'93) Cummins & Ram W350 ('75-'93) Dana 60 Does not fit '75 W350 with Dana 70 closed knuckle applications or Dana 44 knuckles must be flat top and open knuckle live spindle design to be machined. More pix and info available upon request. Featuring a number of upgrades for added on-trail durability, plus added strength wherever you take your vehicle, the Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is built to meet the demands of serious off-road enthusiasts. Dana 44 Axle Swap Into YJ. The Ultimate Dana 60™ front axle features massive Spicer® SPL® 70 universal joints, delivering optimal performance for lifted vehicles with larger tires. ORW - Escondido, CA These extremely hard to find Closed Knuckle and King Pin parts are now available. Introduction: The Dana 44 was introduced after World War II and is commonly found under the front and rear of a wide variety of vehicles. Closed knuckle dana 44 front. Go to www2. lift / leveling kits. 1984-88 CUCV The closed structure of the closed knuckle limits its ability to swivel. Dana 44 Yukon Chrome Moly Superjoint kit, replacement for Dana 60 Fits Dana Spicer 60 4140 Chromoly cross Eliminated needle bearings results in larger trunion for added strength Uses ultra high grade antiseize for lubrication Not recommended for daily driven use Two complete joints, eight full circle snap rings, grease and grease gun FREE SHIPPING! A stock Chevy Dana 60 knuckle weighs approximately 16. NEW 19977-010. QA4936 Replacement 12 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit for Dana Spicer Front Axles is for Heavy Duty Dana closed knuckle front axles in 1953-1982 3/4 ton through 1-1/2 ton 4x4s with Dana Spicer Model 44HD, Model 60, or Model 70 front drive axles with the large diameter knuckle ball. no engine, trans or transfer case. Has a fill plug in the face of the cover Larger oil capacity than the factory setup We stand behind our product. Additional info: The front is a closed knuckle, drum brake setup. DTS has gathered "the best of the best" products from major manufacturers under one roof and supported them with a staff of experienced, technically competent people. 5". IH didn't use the Dana 60 in the front. 1 due to higher viscosity. It had a big 9. I am saying that is what it is based on some research and photos I located on the internet. Dodge Dana 70 Front And Rear Axles Closed Knuckle 4 88 60. The axleshafts are not as big as the Dana 60 open knuckle axleshafts and because they are no longer common, they can be more expensive to repair and difficult to find good used replacement parts. The only front D70 with a closed knuckle I have listings inner knuckle seal and dust seal kit ford super duty f350 f250 dana 50 60 front 1d 19h 9m. This block will raise the steering arm . The frame appears to be good with military closed knuckle dana 44 axles. . Many people with earlier Broncos swap out the Dana 30 for a 44. do NOT contact me with unsolicited Searching for Dodge Dana 60 today? Find Dodge Dana 60 and other automotive parts and accessories on sale. Price: $ 174. Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. So I'm thinking the 70-F that you mentinoed is simply stating it's a 70 front, not actually a type of a Dana axle. This fits 1960-1969 Chevy or GMC K20, K25, and K2500 Dana 44 or Dana 44HD front axles. Items 1 - 11 of 11 Product Description Sold individually D60001CL (left, driver's side) D60001CR ( right, passenger's side) The strongest Dana 60 knuckles on the . Kingpin Knuckle Dana 44 Sale. In the rear the venerable H-033 dropout was used into ’63 for the rear of halftons. Back in the closed knuckle days the difference between light and HD was in the trunnion bearing sizes. This is a 3/8-24 stud. it is a hd because it shares the same knuckles as the Dana 60 and it has 12 bolts on the dust shield on the back of the 78/9 dana front question advise needed. has transfer case and driveshafts. You not only get a higher torque load, but with new “rock solid” seals you get peak protection from environmental contaminants. 5 pounds. Carrier bearings and outer pinion bearing are the same as a 60. Good hood , cab , tailgate and lots of other stuff. I'm considering swapping dual Dana 44 axles under my YJ. Dana 60 and Dana 70 1-ton axles may have 35 splines, where Dana 44 1/2- or 3/4-ton axles will more likely have a 30- or fewer-spline axleshaft. Unfortunately, closed knuckle front ends leak oil. com Steering Knuckle Lubrication on CJ3B. info 200 matches. What years did Wagoneers have offset rear dana 44s? not closed knuckle and they are 6 on 5. I'm pretty sure the ford 77-79? dana 60 fronts would be the best way to go since they have the driver side drop with the high pinion, kingpins, etc. Feel free to PM me with any questions, or to make an offer. Ingalls carries shims for knuckles with a 6 bolt x 4″ diameter bolt circle like Dana 30s and 44s as well as larger axles with 8 bolt x 4″ diameter bolt circle. Complete rebuild kit for the Closed-Knuckle Front Dana Axles with Timken Bearings. These kits contain all parts to rebuild one side. Closed knuckle king pin designs there are no options for. The least expensive online catalog for all your Dana 60 Knuckles needs. Steering Knuckle Dana 60 Ford Truck 92-95 Awesome Sand Blasted Nice Take A Look. From the knuckle out, the closed knuckle Dana 60 and Dana 70 axles are identicle. Qa4936 12 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit For Dana 44hd 60 70 Front Axles. Yukon Hardcore Locking Hub Set For Dana 60, 30 Spline. Any other closed knuckle Dana 60, like those from a Jeep M715 that had coarse spline axles. The carrier looks just like the one in the Dana 70 rear in the BillaVista write up (sorta like a castle). They have 70, 70-b, 70-HD, 70-U and 70-3HD. QA4936 Replacement 12 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit for Dana Spicer Front Axles is for the heavy-duty Dana closed knuckle front axles in 1958-1979 3/4 ton through 1-1/2 ton 4x4s with Dana Spicer Model 44HD, Model 60, or Model 70 front drive axles with the large diameter knuckle ball. The extra weight comes from additional ribs, which add strength to the knuckle, and the use of a stronger material than stock parts. That usually means bigger axle shafts and u-joints, bigger bearings, bigger brakes, etc. They are supposedly in good shape. Dodge Dana 60. QK4765 fits all makes of 4x4 trucks using Dana-Spicer Model 44HD, Model 60, or Model 70 Closed Knuckle Front Axles with the large 12 Bolt Ball Seal. dana. Early Scouts and 3/4 ton 4x4's all had closed knuckle front axles that needed this special gear oil on each end of the axle. I always buy 1985 F150 wheel hubs and brake rotors for these conversions when I go to the parts store, there are many other applications that you can use if the parts store Normally closed knuckles can be quite durable in very big axle assemblies, however the Dana 70 is an exception. If you have any pics I would love to see 'em This is our most popular selling D44 knuckle! If you want to upgrade to cross-over or high-steer on most Dana 44 front or Chevy 10 bolt front axles, this is what you need! This is a factory replacement, passenger side, flat-top knuckle that is milled, drilled, and tapped to 9/16x18 on the top. $1,000. it is a hd because it shares the same knuckles as the Dana 60 and it has 12 bolts on the dust shield on the back of the knuckle. Dana 60 King Pin Knuckle GM Style Rt. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, you KNOW you need this part! Description: This kit includes spider gears, side gears,thrust washers, cross pin, and cross pin retainer. Removing the knuckles off the Dana 44, MY REALITY JEEP LIFE E36 Vermont Jeepgirl. Precision manufactured using premium materials and made by the company that is trusted by many carmakers, the Timken race is the I bought a 1957 Chevy 3100 that was converted to a 4x4 a little while ago and have been having trouble identifying the axles. Hello all. They are from a Jeep J3000 Gladiator. Single-ended high steer arms are $200 a pair, or $100 each, and we can drill or taper them to fit your needs. E. 10 posi dana 60 rear. there was some rare open knuckle dana 70's that were just bigger versions of the dana 60, and those were great, but rare. Dodge Ram 75-93 DANA 60 CV Axles are perfect for both the off-road trail the street. Import means the blank forgings came from off shore, resulting in an economical choice if the ultimate in strength is not needed. Dana 60 kingpin arms. I've spent the last few months searching for a Dana 60 front for my application, but cannot seem to find anything for less than a grand in my area. 2007-2013 Steering Arm Ford F250 67-72 Small Ball Closed Knuckle Dana 44 Front Axle LH. That kit has come down in price, but is still very expensive for some bracketry Dana 44 sort by: regular price (lowest) regular price (highest) date (newest) date (oldest) name (a thru z) name (z thru a) customer rating (highest) customer rating (lowest) 1ARP0010 D44 ARM SPACER KIT - 2 spacers, 6 ARP 4" studs The Crown Steering Knuckle, Left, for Dana 44 Front Axle is an OE replacement part from Crown Automotive. I'm currently looking to buy a dana 60 front axle for my TJ. $1. It can be identified by its straight axle tubes, 10 bolt asymmetrical cover, and a "70" cast in to the housing and is visually similar to the Dana 60. I am wondering if anyone has the part # for the Warn lockout hubs for a Dodge Dana 70 front closed knuckle axle. This Spicer 36326-2 spindle stud is used for mounting the spindle on a Dana 30, Dana 44 or GM 10 bolt style knuckle. Recommended lubricant is a S. i have a front dana 60 with a cv joint lookin like a knuckle & birfield screwd an thats what im workin with. The defining charectorisitic of them is the pinion center line. 1 ton pickup 2wd. Common applications for the desirable axles include: GM . Sometimes Broncos that came with a 44 are swapped for a 30 because they used the 44 axle to upgrade another Bronco. Includes Felts, Rubber Seal, Outer Steel Retainers. 2001-2010; 2011-2016; 1/2 ton pickup 2wd. The front axle is a Dana 44 and the rear may be an Eaton HO52. Mounting Hardware. Because they're heavier duty (and less common from the factory), they're usually harder to find and more expensive to buy. Complete hub to hub, ready to install. board, in each steering knuckle, which can be observed by removing fill plugs on each knuckle. A guy I work with has an original M-715 and is pretty deeply involved in a M-715 club. Dana 44 Closed Knuckle Front Hub Lube eventually, but for now I'm going to try some 140. However, it was my understanding that would not work with a dana 30 due to the bolt pattern for the spindle ( 6 hole vs 8 - or something like that). Crane Axle's design for the Dana 60 Interlocking High-steer Arm design eliminates the need for a 5th or 6th bolt for strength One kit does one knuckle, fits Ford, GM, IH and Dodge Kingpin Dana 60 front axles. The front Dana 60 is and early, closed knuckle version. Bent Fabrication carries the entire line of RCV Performance Axles and can even help you if you need them with custom splines. thecj2apage. There are no options for unit bearing Dana 44 knuckles such as mid 80's Dodge. YOU NEED THIS BECAUSE, the standard oil is 90 weight and it is too thin and will all leak out. Our new knuckles weigh approximately 22 pounds each. knuckle . I am not sure of the year, but i believe that they are from a late 60's truck. 1. This kit seals around the large ball behind the knuckle. NEW PRICE 1968 W200 Fargo Power Wagon short bed. 95 $ 84. If so, the axle is a large closed knuckle Dana 44, rated 3500#. com, JT Parts, JT's Parts & Accessories is a leading distributor in differential and axle parts from Nitro Gear & Axle, Nitro Gears are available for all types of vehicles. There is an exploded view of the front axle and u-joint. '99-'04 Ford, 1 Side Only. We feel the weight is well worth it. Just picked up a closed knuckle front dana 60 out of a 78 ford f-350. I see similar external 6 bolt hole wheel hubs used on Dana 44’s in older closed knuckle Fords, Chevys, GMs and Jeep FC etc but I’ve yet to find good interchange info that remember that Studebaker did indeed exist! Thanks in advance. The I-H code could be an FA-18, and maybe Shotgun Jimmy can provide more information from the factory Line Ticket. Dana Crate Axle Ultimate Dana 60™ Front. Gear Ratio changes from 373 to 488 - Installed $375. 2011-2016; 1 ton pickup 4wd. for until it is completely off the ground and remove hub cap. 25"  DANA SPICER 706230X - Closed Knuckle Wiper SEAL KIT for DANA 44, 60 and 70 with LARGE Ball 12 Bolts · CLICK HERE for More Details Part#: 706230X. 1PMD60KK DANA 60 king pin rebuild kit complete both knuckles. However, a permanently locked-in Dana 44 is not uncommon. $84. Make a listing of all the important things you really want from a motor vehicle, along with all the important things it has to do. Axle Housings 1973-75 Ford F250 3300# closed knuckle Dana 44 Front $75 1975-79 Jeep Wagoneer w/Standard Transfer case Dana 44 Rear $60 1968-80 IH Scout Dana 44 Rear $150 1976-79 Ford F250 5500# Dana 60 Rear $60 1963-1965 Ford F250 3300# closed knuckle Dana 44 Front $75 1976-77 Ford F250 low pinion open knuckle Dana 44 Front $100 Chevy Dana 60 4x4 Front Inner Axle Tube Seal Guide Kit K30 V30 1977-1991 20. The only closed knuckle 60 that I have experience with is from the M715. manual, find the correct Dana 44. dana 60 ball joint knuckle set Rock Assault 9 Knuckles After years of development, Trail –Gear is proud to present our Rock Assault 9 Knuckles. However, I must say in the closed knuckle 60's favor, that it is a very well designed front axle from a maintenance viewpoint. 00 CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. I Am happy with this axle and the only thing 4 wheel drive will be used for is at truck pulls. They are beauties! As others have found out, they do not fit inside the knuckle opening (stock or the Reids) so some slight massaging on the high spots was needed. what year did they do the switch from closed to open knucles? and what was the spline count on those shafts? Rear Dana 60 and front closed knuckle trunnion bearing 44. Dodge Dana 44 Standard Duty Small Closed Knuckle has 8 Bolt Ball Seal 1957- 1971 · Dodge Dana 44 Heavy Dodge Dana 60 Ram 2500-3500 1994-1997. 56 gears for real cheap so I could not pass them up! Now my dilemma is converting the D44 to disc and finding some 15" 8 lug wheels so I can use my old tires. Inner Knuckle For Sale. Dodge Dana 70 Front And Rear Axles Closed Knuckle 4 If you’ve got a Dana 60 with drum brakes, we’ve probably got the disc brake conversion kit you need. 1986 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Dana 70 U 60 4 10 Ring And Pinion Master Elite Gear Pkg. View a vast selection of Kingpin Knuckle Dana 44, all carefully selected. Hi, i am new here. 1,000. Ball Joint Vacuum And Dust Seal Kit Ford Super Duty F350 F250 Dana 60 Front Inner Axle Shaft Closed Knuckle Chevy K5 K10 K20 1967-1969 Shop for Dana 44 Knuckle today! Qa4936 12 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit For Dana 44hd 60 70 Front Axles Axle Housing Closed Axle Housing Closed Knuckle Hd Dana Rear axles vary somewhat over the years, while the closed knuckle, Dana 44-5Fs handled the duties up front. ($17. All our kits are complete, and include all the parts you need to convert from drums to discs. King Pin Knuckle Ford Dana 60 Spicer Right Hand Passengers Side High Pinion 60. Case, this front axle likely has drum brakes—big ones. 1965 GMC K15 4x4 pickup truck. We have Dana 60 disc brake conversion kits for ’67 and up Fords, ’68-’72 Chevys, ’72 and up Jeeps, ’73-’93 Dodges, and ’94 and up Dodges. There are upper and lower joints that the knuckle swivels on, turning the wheels to the left and right. Shortly after I bought the truck, I filled the joints with oil, and drove it a short distance to get it home. I'm planning on just getting a late 70's dana 60 with discs, but was just wondering if anyone has done or heard about a disc brake conversion on a closed knuckle dana 44, as well around how much it would be and if its even worth itthanks! Cheers, Cody. I found it was best to just leave them stock and run them as is. I am in the process of looking for a dana 60 front, but in the meantime, I would like to make my d44 front work. 1978 79 Ford Dana 60 70 Front - Rear Axles Complete High Pinon Gears Rock Climb. Well just found a D44 front and D60 rear w/4. Believe me, I have spent years trying to modify closed knuckle dana 60 and 70 front axles. Ford HPD44 truss shown with optional add-ons Simplify that Jeep® Axle Swap with a T&T Dana 60 Axle Truss! How to tell the difference between a Dana 30 and a Dana 44. High Clearance Steering for Dana 44s and CJ Dana 30s. I have tried to do as much research as possible about this but haven?t been able to find the answers I need. Experience the thrill and ease of tailoring your Truck or Jeep with our Guaranteed Lowest Prices on all Axle King Pin Parts products at 4WP. K5's did come with Dana 44 Closed Knuckle Drum brake axles. The 70-U uses a smaller pinion bearing than any of the others (the same as a 60) All the others use the same inner pinion bearing. M-715's run a closed knuckle Dana 60 in the front and a Dana 70 in the rear. A. This kit comes with the rubber seal, felt seal, metal seal retainers, and retainer bolts. The front axle, I BELIEVE, is a closed knuckle Dana 44. For over 50 years, Crown Automotive has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Jeep vehicles. I have converted a closed knuckle dana 44 (small knuckle version) to disc brake on a 69 T-All using a bronco hub and rotor, and a chevy, small bearing spindle, backing plate and caliper. Bad Ass find. All of these Dana 70 front axles were closed knuckle, with king pins and had  How to identify a 1974-1975 Ford F-250 Dana 60 Closed Knuckle Front Axle. Left and right sides available. This seal kit fits Dana 27, Dana-30, and Dana-44 closed-knuckle front axles used in Scout 800, pickups, and Travelalls. Please give us a call for more information at 909-632-7127. Ford F250 Closed Knuckle Dana 44 Large Ball Axle Front Axle Closed Knuckle Ball Seal Kit, Genuine Dana Spicer For all Pickups,Travelall with Dana 44 (Big Closed Knuckle Ball) and Dana 60 with 12 retaining bolts. Closed Knuckle Small Parts-BJ's Off-Road is proud to offer many of the internal components for the Closed Knuckle Front Axles. Torque the bolts to 35-45 ft-lbs. Linky I have a Ford highboy closed knuckle d44 hd axle from an early 70's f250. my truck has 38s on it now but i am dumping those and going with 35s. Or Super Winch or Silectro? Or maybe has a good set of used ones they would sell? QU40188 8 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit for Dana Spicer Front Axles is genuine original equipment for light 3/4 ton and smaller Dana closed knuckle front axles in 1951-1975 4x4s with Dana Spicer Model 25, Model 27, Model 30, or standard Model 44 front drive axles with the small diameter knuckle ball. The axleshafts are very difficult to find. We are a leading Kingpin Knuckle Dana 44 discounter, find a wide Kingpin Knuckle Dana 44 deals for sale from Ebay. I recently acquired a 62 k-20 with the closed knuckle Dana front axle. TNT Customs Front Truss, Ford HP Dana 60, TNT Customs Front Truss assy, Ford HP Dana 60 Fits 78-79 Ford housing only. As was aid, there really is no such thing as a balljoint HD dana 44. The Dana 44 has seen use in 1/4-, 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-ton rated trucks. Dana 44 steering kits are designed to fit open knuckle flat top Dana 44 live spindle axles only. A major dissadvantage to running an early 60 front under a truck that you use hard is replacing parts if they break. Front Axles (weakest to strongest) 19. Woody’s 4x4 offers used axles, front or rear axle shafts, inners or outers, open or closed knuckle fronts, plus complete assemblies. 1998 suburban steering wheel 60 steering knuckle. This is why Dana switched to an open knuckle design. DANA 44 FRONT - FORD > SEALS > CLOSED KNUCKLE SEAL KITS. Sometime in the 1971 model year Ford changed the front end of the early Broncos from a Dana 30 to a Dana 44. This truck is in great restored original condition with the original big block 305 V6 mated to a manual 4 speed transmission. D25/27 Axles (used) – $75. I don't drive it anymore simply because of the drum brakes that were standard QA4936 Replacement 12 Bolt Knuckle Ball Seal Kit for Dana Spicer Front Axles is for the heavy-duty Dana closed knuckle front axles in 1958-1979 3/4 ton through 1-1/2 ton 4x4s with Dana Spicer Model 44HD, Model 60, or Model 70 front drive axles with the large diameter knuckle ball. 10 ratio gears Re: dana 60/dana 70 help I am quite familiar with the M-715 axles, seein' as how I got a pair of them in my driveway bolted under my M-715. Ian shows how to save bucks setting up a Dana 60 and 14-bolt with gears, shafts, knuckles and trusses. e. Shop Dana 70 Front Here! Ford Gm 4x4 Spindle Outer Stub Closed Knuckle Dana 44 60 S 70 S Dana 70's were just plain 70. Before I go to far I dont want to hear about how I should upgrade so a open knuckle 44 or a Dana 60. How to Rebuild your 4wd Toyota Front Axle Closed Knuckle Part 1 You are buying a used Dana 60 front steer axle assembly with closed knuckle housing, drum brakes, 5. go to m715zone. The front axle should be a closed knuckle Dana 70 on a 1 ton. Divorced transfer case with hi and low connects to a Dana 60 rear end that has factory optioned posi traction. With a Closed Knuckle axle, the axle universal joints and king pin bearings are lubricated by very heavy oil or a viscous grease that will flow when the axle shafts 1973 - 1979 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Dana 60 closed knuckle disc brakes - I have a '73 Dana 60 closed-knuckle front axle on an F-250 high-boy and would like to convert it to disc brakes. all the closed knuckle dana 70 fronts used tracta joints, the steering radius sucks, there no stronger than a dana 60 more on the lines of a 44 at that. 00 TruTrac Limited Slip - Installed $985. The Spicer joint is virtually closed so cannot benefit from a thicker lubricant. closed knuckle dana 60

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